New web series: Dancing with the Dancing Photographer-webisode #1 basic hold

You’ve just made your grand entrance and have been announced as Mr. and Mrs. for the very first time. The lights go down, the spotlight comes on, your hearts start to flutter, and every eye in the place is on you. Ok, now I am being a little over dramatic, but this is how it feels to many couples and they often find it terrifying. Because of this, many of my couples ask me my thoughts about dance lessons. With a nick name like the dancing photographer I surely have an opinion, right? You betcha I do. Even just one dance lesson can help with your confidence that day, making you feel more comfortable, so you can enjoy your day more, and that will be reflected on your face and body language, making for even prettier pictures. Also the basic dance moves you learn, like dips, can help you during your bridal portrait session as well.

So to address any concerns you might have with dance lessons being tough, I decided to start this web series: Dancing with the Dancing Photographer. In it dance teacher Peter Gelzhinsky of Star Dance School in Newton, MA, will be teaching us some basic dance moves that you can use for your first dance and all the rest of the dances in your life as a married couple. Wednesdays will now be Wed-dance-days on the Something Blue Blog. Every other Wednesday I will be posting a new dance move.

For our first installment, Peter goes over the basic hold with us, transforming us from 8th grade dance stance to an elegant sway. Hope you find it helpful.


If you have any questions or dance moves you’d like us to cover, please use the comment section below.

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  1. Yuliya M.

    This is awesome, especially for someone like me who knows nothing about dancing ;). Will have to come back on wednesdays and follow up on the dance moves, lol.

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