My Goodness My Goddess: Linda and Jon’s Wedding at the Tirrell Room

As a wedding photographer, there are just some shots you would LOVE to get. The perfect “bride in front of the window” shot is definitely high up on the list. Linda and Jon’s bridal suite at the Quincy Marriott, Mother nature, and Linda’s stunning beauty all came together that day perfectly to make that dream shot possible.
To quote my 2nd shooter extraordinaire, Shawn Black, “it was the perfect lighting situation wedding photographers dream of.” After checking the image preview I was jumping up and down like a little 5-year-old. Then I said to Linda, “You Look like a Goddess! I totally worship you right now!” She loved it since her 2nd reception dress was a Grecian inspired draped number reminiscent of the statues in the Parthenon. So that became our theme of the night. I would say “My Goodness My Goddess”, an allusion to the My Goodness My Guinness campaigns, which turned out to be quite appropriate given Linda and Jon’s shared love of specialty beers.

After getting ready at the Marriott, it was off to the fabulous Tirrell Room in Quincy for the ceremony and reception. There Shawn masterfully shot the big reveal series inside the Tirrell Room’s well appointed photo room. We choose this location so the groom wouldn’t have to wait outside in the heat and humidity right before the ceremony. After the big reveal we got nearly ALL the family photos done. It was wonderful!

Then it was time for the ceremony. The gazebo is perfectly positioned with a view of the Blue Hills and a Southern exposure so that the guests don’t have to stare into the sun while watching the ceremony. After the ceremony while we were shooting the bridal portraits outside, a wonderful server came out with a platter of yummy h’ordeuvres and champagne for the couple, and asked us about how long we would be taking photos. The lack of grumbling stomachs made Linda and Jon keep their focus on photos rather than on the DELISH food to come, making my job easier and their photos even better! You may be wondering why they asked us how long the photos would take, the reason…the chefs at the Tirrell Room based when to start cooking the entrees based on OUR photo schedule that night. This was a fabulous touch since it allowed the couple not to stress over possibly cold entrees due to the length of their portrait session. With the portraits all done it was time to party. Instead of having the Bride and Groom kiss every time the guests would tap their glasses the DJ let everyone know that Linda and Jon wanted a little bit more from them to merit a smooch. A table would have to sing a song for the couple that had the word love in it. Needless to say, this brought about some great laughs and some great kisses.

Lessons to Learn from this Wedding:
1) We were able to get the beautiful window shot since Linda watched our “How to get into your wedding dress and how much time it takes” video. She allotted plenty of time to get into the dress allowing us to spend more time photographing her in it.
2) If you are eating h’ordeuvres before your bridal portraits try to avoid ones that can get stuck in your teeth. Linda came up with a great way to deal with this, she would only eat the bite size ones that didn’t require her to bite into them with her front teeth.

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