How to get into a wedding dress and how long it takes

Almost every time I shoot a wedding, the bride is unsure of the best way to get into her dress. When done properly getting into the dress can take less than 10 minutes. But when done improperly it can take well over an hour, and may ruin the bride’s hair and makeup may end up on her dress. Having your dress take you way more time than you expected to put it on can really cut into the time you have to get photos done and can make you very late to your ceremony and that can have big repercussions on the schedule of the reception.

I wanted to make sure in the future this wouldn’t happen to any of my brides again. So I went to my local bridal salon, Vows, where the owner Leslie DeAngelo took the time to go through three common types of wedding dresses and how to properly get into them. We reviewed a simple zipper back with decorative buttons, a zipper back with functional buttons and loops, and a corset back. I recorded Leslie’s explanations so that I could share her wonderful tips and tricks with you. I hope you find it useful!

On a side note, if you liked the dresses in this piece you should REALLY check out Vows in Watertown, MA. The store is amazing. They have designer dresses at majorly discounted prices, even Vera Wang, and you can walk the floor and pick out anything you want to try on. None of that having to wait for the bridal consultants to pull out what THEY think is best for you from a back room. The dresses are sorted out by dress shape and size rather than by designer so it makes your search for your dream dress so much easier. I absolutely love it and wish I had known about Vows when I was a bride. And if you can’t make it out to Massachusetts, then you can order your gown online with them at

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