The Matrices…er I mean Matrimony of Courtney and Greg

As a super nerdy child, I had two dream jobs, a scientist or a national geographic photographer. As I got older, thinking that photography was more of a pipe dream, I went into the sciences. MIT is pretty much the holy land for those of us who choose to go into engineering, so I was beyond pumped when Jonathan Golden called me from Texas to see if I could second shoot for him at Courtney and Greg’s wedding taking place in the MIT chapel. Courtney’s parents still live in the lone star state, and had heard rave reviews for Jonathan, so they decided to fly him in for the wedding. It was one big MIT fest since Courtney, and many of her guests, were MIT alums. Rarely do wedding guests take just as much of an interest in my photography as my dissertation topic, but this was the exception to the rule. Being around all these scientifically minded people started to put my brain back into that same mode. So after I saw a little matrix drawing of all the different drink options that were available at the reception as well as the huge variety of facial expressions I captured of one guest, I kept seeing series of shots in matrices in my head. These photo montages were the result. Many thanks to Victor and Tony for being my dance buddies! And major Kudos for the guest who remembered the entire Bye Bye Bye dance!

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