Joining the Bad News Bears was Good News for Kirsten and Eric

While Kirsten and Eric’s softball team the Bad News Bears didn’t win much on the field, Kirsten and Eric gained something much more in the process…the perfect teammate for life. This adorable couple wanted to pay homage to their unusual match maker by wearing their jerseys during their engagement shoot. The two quickly realized that their parents would probably like to have some shots of them in more conventional clothing. So we did a romantic session in Beacon Hill and then took a short walk over to the field on Boston Common. Lucky for us, there wasn’t a game going on during that BEAUTIFUL day, and we practically had the field to ourselves.

Photography Notes: Kirsten wore a shirt for the Beacon Hill shots that was a bit looser than it appears in these photographs. After looking at a few test shots, we realized that it wasn’t photographing as well as it could, so I used an old trick from modeling. Whatever side wasn’t facing towards the camera, we placed a clip onto the shirt to make it tighter, and voila! Problem solved. Having a binder clip and a hair tie on hand for times when the wind picks up, making shirts billow and hair fly into faces, is always a good idea.

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