Kara & Jonah’s Bridal Shower: Incorporating Their “Grate” Experiences

This past weekend my Sister-In-Law Kara and her fiancee Jonah had their bridal shower at my Mother-In-Law’s house. It brought back all sorts of warm and fuzzy memories for me since it was the same place we had my shower 2 years ago. Kara and Jonah are true foodies. Jonah even proposed at their favorite bakery, Flour, having the chef open the restaurant just for them and making them a beautiful dinner. To commemorate this and so many other wonderful culinary memories they have had together, Kara’s sister Michelle had their favorite foods from their special places and made placards to describe how each place was meaningful to the couple. In addition to going above and beyond the normal duties of planning the shower, Michelle also made my photo day by finding beautiful pockets of natural light while making the mini pizzas. It was a joy getting to shoot her there. Other family members also made food for other restaurant stations: Jonah’s mom made the Flour Carrot Cake, Aunt Betty made Bruschetta, and Kathy put together a beautiful bellini bar with peach, raspberry, and mixed berry puree, champagne, gingerale, and champagne flutes. Everything was DE-LISH!

Kara and Jonah then opened the piles of presents their guests showered upon them. Some brought on “Awwws” while others brought on great roars of laughter. One of my favorite shots of the day was Kara speaking to a pregnant friend and Jonah’s expression of “OH BOY, that’s the next type of shower I will have to attend.” Speaking of boys, Cousin Krisi’s adorable little one made an appearance so that Jonah wouldn’t feel like he was the only guy swimming in the sea of estrogen that is a bridal shower. Jonah, the great guy that he is, took it all in stride though. It was a really unique shower and I loved that Michelle, with the help of Jonah’s sister Ericka, made it so personalized for Kara and Jonah. The favors were even mini cheese graters that said “A ‘Grate’ Love”. If you’d like to get more fabu ideas from this “grate” shower, check out the rest of the images here.

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