Powerbrides.com is a powerful tool for brides!

So I have gotten in at the ground floor of a new really great site for those in the process of planning a wedding called powerbrides.com. What’s great is it is kind of like facebook, but entirely focused on weddings. What makes it unique among the tons of sites out there for brides is that it gives you a platform to interact with vendors, as well as other brides. So when you want to ask a question about photography, they have members like myself who are vendors who can answer questions from the professional’s point of view. I think this is a really great asset to brides and their friends and family members helping them plan their wedding. In addition to having groups where you can discuss wedding related topics with vendors and other brides, they also have some really helpful articles. After reading some I asked if I might contribute as well, and they are using some of my tips and tricks blog posts. So if you have any questions that my blog hasn’t answered for you already, be sure to check out the powerful tool that is powerbrides.com.

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