Courtney & Nate’s Engagement

Just a little over a year ago I received a call from my cousin Courtney. In an extremely excited voice, she said to me, “Vail, I think I found my Matt!”. Matt is my husband’s name, and is the new standard to which we hold all potential suitors for the women in my family. That evening she had a wonderful first date with Nate at a little Italian restaurant. 1 year later to the day, Nate planned to take Courtney back to the same restaurant to propose to her. Unfortunately though, due to the recession, the restaurant had closed a few weeks prior to their anniversary. Most would have just moved on and found a new restaurant, but not Nate. He contacted the owner and the chef, and had them open the restaurant one last time for their anniversary dinner, and make the exact same entrees they had during their first date. Nate also took the time to light over 100 tea light candles and covered the place in rose petals. How I wish I had been there to take a photo of THAT! After their meal, the two of them exchanged anniversary cards. To their surprise, they had both purchased the exact same card for the other, and written almost the exact same thing inside the card as well. After expressing how obviously perfect they are for each other, Nate proposed to Courtney, and the rest, as they say, is history.

During my most recent trip to Florida to see some of my family, I got to meet Nate for the first time while doing an engagement shoot with Courtney and Nate on the beach. As I was doing this shoot, Chris Isaak’s iconic “Wicked Game” video kept popping into my head. I think after you look through some of the highlights, you’ll understand why. Congratulations Courtney and Nate! So happy for you!

To see more images from their shoot click here.

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