Pack a sewing kit, you will thank me later

Give a sewing kit as a favor at your bridal shower.

Ladies, between experiences at my own wedding and now countless other weddings, I have to suggest that you put a couple items you may not have thought about in your bag for the big day. The number one item on my list for you would be a sewing kit. This sewing kit should have at least 2 needles, black thread, white/ivory thread (depending on your dress color), thread the color of your bridesmaid dresses, safety pins, double sided sticky tape, a hook and eye set, and a small pair of scissors. The needle and thread are wonderful multipurpose tools. If someone encounters a rip in a hem, or a hook and eye comes loose, or the bustle string breaks, you will be very glad you have a needle and thread. For example, at my most recent wedding, one of the bridesmaid’s dresses was missing the eye at the top of her dress that the hook was supposed to secure to. Unfortunately, it was one of those dresses where the hook and eye really was a critical element to the dress staying zipped up. So in a flash, I whipped out my sewing kit and made a thread eye for the hook to secure to in a matter of a few minutes. Had I had a hook and eye set with me, it would have been even faster.

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In a pinch though, sometimes you just don’t have time for a needle and thread. For those times, safety pins and double sided sticky tape can be your best friend. You will want to make sure you have more than just a few safety pins with you. For example, on the day of my wedding, right before my husband and I went out to do our entrance and first dance, I realized that my dress was too long for us to do a certain move, and my wonderful assistant my venue provided that day put in over 50 safety pins in my dress in just a few minutes. This allowed me to dance to my hearts content the rest of the day without worry. Double sided sticky tape can also fix hems in a hurry and helps to hold strapless dresses in place and keeps halters from gaping in the front.

Last but not least, the scissors. Many of the things people are wearing that day are brand new: dresses, shoes, garters, undergarments, etc. Most all of these things come with tags on them. The last thing you want to have happen is inadvertently ripping one of these lovely items in the process of trying to rip off the tag. A small set of scissors will save you a great deal of hassle that day.


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