It’s never too late for an engagement shoot

Even though Lisa and Jonathan have been married for 4 years, they didn’t get to have an engagement shoot in DC. So we went around tho their favorite spots in DC and gave them the engagement shots they always wanted. During this shoot I had Ian Ivey tag along as a second shooter. He did a wonderful job interacting with Lisa and Jonathan even though he had never met them and I had worked with them before. If you need someone in the DC area and you are on a tight budget, Ian is someone you should definitely consider.

It was a really fun shoot. We definitely shared the most laughs at the Jefferson memorial where a little squirrel, who Ian named Frank, showed a great deal of interest in my camera bag and in Lisa and Jonathan. At first I didn’t know he was right behind me, and they went from demure smiles to laughing out loud. Finally they said, “VAIL, look behind you! This little guy is too funny!”

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