A Moroccan Jewish Extravaganza!

Aaron and Heather had a multi-day Moroccan Jewish Wedding Extravaganza! The first day was the henna party. What an experience it was. When they said costumes would be provided at the door, they weren’t kidding. They had robes for the men and lavish dresses and belts for the women. Once inside it was beautifully decorated with candles. Some of the men, including my husband, were enlisted for the 3 processions of the night. Heather and Aaron first started out in Silver, then Gold, and finally a rich Red. Each time they came out on platforms that were placed on the shoulders of men supporting them. It was quite a sight! Later they had belly dancers who came out and did dances with swords and isis wings. After the performance Heather’s grandmother placed a dollop of henna in the center of Heather’s hand. The tradition is that she is not supposed to do any house work until the henna wears off weeks later as a newlywed. Heather’s family then put dollop’s of henna in all the guests hands. I tried to remind my husband for the next few weeks that I wasn’t supposed to have to do any housework until the henna wore off, but then he reminded me that was for the bride only. D’oh!

The next day was the AMAZING wedding at Gotham Hall in NYC. We kept looking around expecting Batman to drop in from a gargoyle. The lighting was spectacular and Heather’s veil was so breath-takingly beautiful that it actually brought a tear to my eye. The music they played was very current, it surprised everyone when you went all the way to the front of the dance floor and realized it was actually a live band. They did a remarkable job. Speaking of the dance floor, it was PACKED! Their families sure knew how to party. Everyone’s favorite was when the unassuming little 7 year old took to the floor and brought out some amazing break dancing skills. This kid was actually spinning on his head! But in the end what everyone will remember was the intense looks of love and utter joy exchanged between Heather and Aaron all night.

Here are just a few other shots from the two wonderful evenings.

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