Trying my hand at shooting a concert was was il-loom-inating

My friend from high school was in town and mentioned that her fiance’s band, The Loom,  was playing in DC.  I asked her if they allowed flash photography and she said of course.  I used it as an opportunity to experiment with some flash techniques that would still retain the ambiance of the club.  By the end of their set, they had the whole crowd singing along with the song that accompanies the linked slideshow below.  Hope you enjoy them.

John from The Loom
The lead singer, John
The loom's email list caught my eye
The loom's Email List caught my eye
 electric guitar with violin bow
Playing an electric guitar with a violin bow
 electric guitar Loom
Guitarist Rocking Out
loom fan
An adoring fan
john rocking out
He decided to rock over getting a Ph.D.
flip video of loom
Flipping out for the loom with a flip video recorder
loom clapping
The loom leading the fans in singing Helen
loom clapping
They even have a french horn player

Slideshow of my evening with the Loom

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