Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  • Invitations, what font? What paper type? What stamp?
  • Roses or Lilies? Roses AND Lilies? Wait, Mom HATES lilies!
  • Mermaid or A-Line? Classic or Modern? Train or no Train???

These are just a few of the questions you are getting these days. Right now every little detail seems to be a HUGE deal.

Do yourself a favor. Take a moment and breathe, and picture your wedding day. What do you see first? Is it your invitations? No. Your bouquet? No. You and your Fiancé? YES! That’s right! And that’s the thing that’s most important that day. As you go through the wedding planning, remember what you are planning for, marrying the love of your life. So don’t sweat the details. Trust me, everything will work out ok. If you are happy and have a giant smile on your face, that’s what your guests will remember. As an added bonus, your lack of stress will translate into beautiful wedding photos!

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