Check out these 5 tips below so you can get the best headshot possible

1. Visit your stylist or barber beforehand:  Usually we look our best when we have recently had a haircut.  Don’t do a drastic change, you still want to look like YOU. Just have the stylist or barber clean up your look.   If you have a beard, don’t forget to have them tend to that as well so you will have a more defined jawline in your image. Going for the clean shaven look? Have your barber give you a close shave with a straight razor or bring a razor and shaving cream with you to the session to give yourself a shave right before the shoot. Make sure to use aftershave to cut down on skin irritation. 

2. Hair and Makeup: Having your hair and makeup done is a good idea.  Photos are 2 dimensional, they are flat. In real life we see each other in 3 dimensions. Makeup in photos helps to give your face dimension and definition. It can also even out the appearance of ruddy skin and decrease how shiny or oily the skin looks.  Even if you normally don’t wear any makeup on a day to day basis, a little goes a long way in a headshot. You want to look your best but keep from looking too done up. Think makeup for an interview, not for going out at night. 


3. Tweezers, waxing, and threading are your friends. A few days before your session you should spend some quality time with a mirror and a set of tweezers to make sure that your eyebrows are well-shaped. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, try going to your local salon to have your eyebrows waxed or threaded.  You will be amazed at how this simple trick really makes your eyes pop in a photo. Do not tweeze or wax the morning of your session as you may end up with some redness and irritation that may not clear up in time for your photo. 

One other area to check for hairs are your nose and ears.   You do NOT want these fellas to make an appearance in your headshot!  The Phillips Norelco nose hair trimmer can make the job much easier, it even does eyebrows. Be sure not to leave this until the morning before your session because you might have some temporary red irritation from plucking/trimming.  If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, your local barber or salon can take care of it for you.

4. Have your outfit ironed or dry cleaned in advance. Layers look good in photos, it gives them dimension, so bring a blazer with you for a more formal look.  We can also take photos without the jacket on as well. Leather jackets are great as well! Avoid busy prints and neon colors.  The attention should be on your face, not on your clothes. Try on your outfits a few days before the shoot to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your choice of clothing.  The outfit you wear should fit you well. If you have gained weight or lost weight take this opportunity to get a new piece that fits you perfectly. Clothes that are too tight will restrict your movement while posing and ones that are too loose can make you look disheveled. Have the items cleaned and pressed or ironed so there are no wrinkles. Choose a shirt or dress that is not too low cut and that doesn’t risk showing your bra straps or chest hair. Avoid over accessorizing. Necklaces should not be too long or else they risk being cut off at the bottom of the frame of the image when used for social media profiles. Avoid sleeveless shirts, they take the attention away from your face. Long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves are preferable. 

5. Avoid the dreaded double chin look.  When people try to sit up straight they often drawn their chin in towards their neck. This gives them the look of a double chin. To fix this problem you just need to remember “chin forward and down.” This handy technique borrowed from the fashion industry (Tyra called it doing the turtle) will give you a defined jawline and get rid of the appearance of a double chin by engaging your neck muscles. The video below demonstrates how to do this. Practice it in the mirror a few days before your photo session to really get it down. It feels strange as you are doing it, but believe me, it looks great!