These days everyone is looking at homes for sale online. The photos of the property are often what make or break your chances of getting multiple appointments to see your listing. Capturing your home or property at its best can make all the difference in today’s extremely competitive market. Our photographer will stage the shots so that there is no clutter showing, properly light the rooms so that they don’t appear dark, and shoot from angles that result in images that will flatter your property. You can then use these images for your online listing of the home and any flyers or brochures you would like to hand out to potential buyers and other real estate agents. Shoots start at $350 and include the shoot and the high resolution images.  If your property is within 50 miles of Boston it is within our coverage area.

Pricing for Interior and Exterior Shoot:
$350 Under 2000 sq/ft
$450 2000-3000 sq/ft
$550.00 3000-5000 sq/ft