Vail Fucci Photography can help you craft your business image in today's digital world

In today’s world, how your business is presented online is just as important as your actual business.  Everything is online.  Even word of mouth!

Creating an online presence is a daunting process for most.  I found that so many of my headshot clients were not equipped to do this by themselves. So I have created the Small Business Starter package.  It is the true one stop shop that takes out the hassles for a small business owner.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Initial consultation: This can be in-person or online with me to establish what type of business you have, define what goals you have for that business, see how technically inclined you are, and list some of your competition.  This data will help us better form your brand.  This consultation is 1-2 hours long.
  • Website Design: Armed with the information from the consultation I can then help you decide what your website address (URL) should be.  I will then walk you through the steps of setting up hosting on SquareSpace.  We can do this in-person, or online over Zoom.  We will then review the different types of templates for your site.  Templates includes the color scheme, font choice, basic layout elements, etc.  Once the theme has been decided upon, I will help you apply this theme to your site.  Then we will discuss layout and content options for your site so that your site will be optimized for Search Engines like Google, and for a great user experience for your clients as well. I will help provide you with guidance on creation of the “copy” or text for your site.  The design process will be collaborative and I will teach you how to edit the content on your site so that you can easily update it yourself.  Once the basic layout and content has been determined then we can decide what photos and video you need for the site.  I will make sure your site is responsive, meaning it looks good both on mobile devices and on desktop computers.
    aspen creek dev
    Website Designed by Vail for Aspen Creek Development
  • Email:  I will set you up with an email address that has the same address as your website, like, and make it so that you can read your business emails through your gmail account if you so desire.
  • Headshots: I will have you come into my studio or I can come out to your business location.  We will shoot headshots that match the brand messaging you want to portray.  Hair and makeup is available in my studio and on-location.  The final images you choose will be professionally retouched.  You can use these headshots on your website, as your LinkedIn profile shot, as your Facebook profile picture, etc.Vail fucci photography 1
  • Brand Images and Video: I will come out to your place of business and shoot photos and video of you in your element. Let’s show people what it is you do. I can photograph your products.  With this footage we can tell your story on your website, on social media, and in marketing materials.  Prior to this shoot I will go over outfit choices with you.  My hair and makeup artist and will be available on site during the whole shoot to keep you looking your absolute best.  Once the images and video are edited, I will teach you how to integrate them into your website, that way in the future when you have new content you will feel comfortable adding it yourself instead of having to constantly go back to your website designer any time you want changes.
sean asics2923 with logo
Vail shot this for ASICS for a piece in Profile Magazine
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CEO of CleanClean shows off her product

clean clean all shadows web 1

ame lulu vogue
Product shots for Ame & Lulu by Vail featured on
  • Google: I will create a Google Business listing for your business if you don’t already have one, and if you do have one I will optimize its content.  I will also create a Google Analytics and Google Webmaster account for you.  This will allow me to submit a sitemap of your new website to Google so that it will know to send out its GoogleBots to crawl your site and list it on Google’s search results.  I will teach you how to use these as well.
  • LinkedIn: I will create a LinkedIn page for you and your business.  If you already have one I will optimize the content on it.  Once the pages are created I will teach you good marketing skills to use on LinkedIn.
  • Facebook: I will create a Facebook page for you and your business.  If you already have one I will optimize the content on it.  Once the pages are created I will teach you good organic marketing skills to use on Facebook and if you would like I can help you set up Facebook Ads.
  • Instagram: I will create an Instagram page for you and your business.  If you already have one I will optimize the content on it.
  • Square: I will help you set up a square account so that you can take credit card payments.
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM):  I will help you set up a customer relations management profile with your choice of either 17hats or Square Appointments.  This will help you with automating emails.

Price: $10,000.  Yes you really do get ALL that for only $10,000.  What it doesn’t include is the price of the website hosting and the cost of the web theme.  Those are fixed costs that are out of my control.  They are usually in the neighborhood of $25-$30 a month.

So if you are ready to jump into the digital age and get your business seen click on the contact button below to get in touch with me.