Bonnie + Sunny = Happy Wedding at the Falkirk Estate

Before Bonnie and Sunny ever met, much of their life was running in parallel.  Both have parents from Hong Kong and speak Cantonese,  both went to high school in the Boston Metro area, and both ended up settling in New York City.  Luckily their two lives finally intersected, and their love has multiplied each day that they have been together.  I was honored to be there, along with my second shooter Jenn Alton, to document their union.

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Bonnie and Sunny’s wedding was a wonderful mix of Eastern and Western traditions.  Bonnie rocked both a western white wedding dress for the big reveal and wedding ceremony and a stunning red lace dress for the tea ceremony and some of the reception.  During the tea ceremony, Bonnie and Sunny were presented with gifts from members of their families.  By the end of the ceremony, Bonnie’s wrists and neck were laden with stunning gold and pearl jewelry.

So many girls dream of wearing a pair of designer shoes on their wedding day.  In Bonnie’s case, this self-proclaimed “shoe maven” got to wear two pairs! For the tea ceremony her feet were adorned with gold Jimmy Choos, and for the wedding ceremony Bonnie choose a pair of blue studded Yves Saint Laurent stilettos for her “something blue”.  Sunny looked equally fashionable in his classic black tuxedo.

While the colors for the wedding may have been blue and yellow, the biggest theme of the day was “selfies”. Bonnie wanted to get a shot of her and all her bridesmaids taking a selfie. We quickly learned that to get a good shot of a selfie being taken, the key is not to worry about how the actual selfie on the phone looks.  Otherwise, you end up with a shot of peoples’ outstretched arms in front of peoples’ faces. During the reception Sunny and Bonnie had a photobooth that was tailor-made for selfies.  You could post the images right to your facebook, twitter, or instagram account from the photobooth.  It was AMAZING!  Then to top it all off, their DJ played the song #SELFIE, which induced a great deal of fun selfie shots being taken on the dance floor with the guests and the bride and groom.

Speaking of the dance floor, Bonnie and Sunny got their party started off right by inviting all their guests to join them on the dance floor as they made their entrance with the bridal party members, instead of after their “first dance”.  It was such a fantastic way to get everyone up and having a fantastic time.  After seeing it in action, I highly recommend doing this.

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